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"Last week, one of my key people resigned unexpectedly. He told us he could not recognise the company he joined over 10 years ago. Can you tell me, is this seriously a reason for leaving ?"

Different behaviours generate so many individual needs and expectations. Developing awareness of our own and others’ attitude contributes to anticipate sensitive situations and avoid misunderstanding.

Working on perceptions does not prevent keeping focused on fundamentals as far as job responsibilities are concerned.

Identifying motivation drivers and taking them into consideration whilst managing your organisation with equity and efficiency is a balance, which Arpeggio will help you to reach through pragmatic training programmes.

Arpeggio sustains a basic but thorough approach where interactive sessions fit in with the long term development of your resources.

Here again, acting as a partner, Arpeggio will provide a tailor-made approach, reflecting your business needs and focusing on added value.

On top of topics relating to operational HR Management, development and moderation of customised training sessions pertaining to personal development e.g. leadership, management and development programmes, day-to-day communication and team enhancement, presentation skills.